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If you’re not serious about losing weight for good, please don’t read anymore! If you’re someone who is looking for a way to safely, naturally and rapidly give you your ideal body weight and do so in a way that the weight stays off for good, then the program described below is for you. The program is called: 

INSIDE OUT WEIGHT LOSSIt’s based on a synergistic approach to weight loss that always works, even if everything else you have tried has failed.

Let me ask you something ? Would it be fair to say that as you’re investigating this page, you’ve probably tried other ways to lose weight? Would it also be fair to say that since you’re investigating this page, you’ve probably been unable to keep the weight off and maintain your ideal body weight? Do you know why that is?

Actually, the answer has almost nothing to do with the things you’ve tried before. Truth is, the main reason you’ve not been able to lose weight or keep the weight off is because you still have habits sabotaging your weight loss goals. As long as you continue to live out those sabotaging habits you’ll remain overweight or quickly pile back on any pounds you’ve been able to lose. It doesn’t matter what diet or weight loss plan you try, either. Nothing will give you the long-term weight loss results you want until and unless you have the deep-seated habits that “match” your ideal body weight.

That’s exactly what the Inside Out Program does for you! Through the safe and proven intervention of hypnosis, which will change your unwanted behaviors, feelings and responses around food and activity, it gives you the mindset and intrinsic habits that match your ideal body weight.

For example: If you are, say, currently 160 lbs and you’d ideally like to be 140 lbs – it’s critical (before you make any “external” changes in your diet or activity level) to develop the mindset and habits of somebody who is naturally 140 lbs.

This “inside-out-approach” that changes your driver-habits and unconscious responses around eating and physical activity is the ONLY way to guarantee automatic, rapid and lasting weight loss. Plus, this “inside-out-approach” does not require you to make drastic or major changes in your day-to-day lifestyle. In fact, when you follow the Inside Out Program, unless you decide to tell someone, nobody will realize you are doing anything to lose weight.

Your day-to-day life will pretty much go on as normal. The only time anyone is going to say anything to you will be around 8 or 9 weeks from today when they’ll say something like: “My goodness, you look great! What have you been doing? Then it’s up to you whether or not you decide to tell them about these 5 hypnosis sessions that make up the Inside Out Program.


During this first hypnosis session, you’ll have all the unconscious parts of you aligned in such a way that you only ever want to eat in a sensible and balanced way. This will lead to good health and your ideal body weight.

So for example, right now, you may consciously want to eat better or eat less than you do but when you stop to reflect on your eating responses, you’ll probably realize that there are parts of you that are running your eating behavior in a different direction. There may be a part of you that makes you indulge in overeating. There may be a part of you that craves unhealthy, fattening foods. Or, there may also be a part of you that makes you snack and binge between proper meal times. And so on and so forth. 

In the first session, those unconscious parts of you that currently cause you to either overeat or eat the wrong kinds of food will be reversed through hypnosis. After this session, you will want to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

And guess what that means to you? It means, even if you have a fridge full of fattening food you’ll suddenly find yourself not tempted to eat it. This way, you won’t have to remove certain foods from your fridge, nor will you have to force yourself not to eat them. Instead, the entire urge and compulsion to eat them will be gone for good. You will be left with a natural craving to eat only wholesome, healthy low-fat foods.


When you stop to contemplate when you indulge in overeating, snacking or bingeing, you’ll probably recognize that you are triggered by uncomfortable emotions. In other words, food is often used to compensate for uncomfortable emotions that arise within you. These emotions that trigger overeating and binging include boredom, loneliness, stress, anxiety, insecurity, fear, worry, and so on.

In the second session of hypnosis, you’ll have your trigger emotions defused. Once this is done, you’ll naturally feel more complete, whole and “full” on the inside. Meaning you will no longer feel the overwhelming need to fill your emotional hole with food. 


After changing your relationship to food (Session 1) and after defusing your trigger emotions around food (Session 2) you will have cleared the way for your
unconscious to learn new healthy eating habits.

You probably already know on a conscious level what you should eat and shouldn’t eat, but consciously knowing is far from enough.Therefore Session 3 uses hypnosis to install a new pattern of eating into your unconscious mind. What does that mean on a practical level?

This means when you go shopping for food, you will automatically find yourself buying healthy foods that will support you in losing weight. Even more than that, you will start to automatically prefer the taste of the healthy foods you eat. There will be no will-power or discipline required from you.


When you are in tune with the energy and liveliness of your body, you will be more willing to perform physical activity. This is not about teaching you how to exercise or making you feel guilty for not being active enough. Instead this session uses hypnosis to connect you with your inner energy. It is all about re-igniting your energy so: you automatically have more energy in your life and feel more alive.

This way, you will naturally find yourself becoming more physically active in your day-to-day life. Your body already knows what’s best for it so it will lead you into activities and exercises that uplift you. This will bring your body into alignment with the ideal weight you will set for yourself. 


By the time you reach Session 5, you will already be seeing the pounds drop off. After all, you’ll have a complete new relationship with food, you will no longer have trigger emotions ruling your life, you will have unlocked your vital energy, and you’ll be feeling really good about yourself. You’ll be on the path to achieving your ideal body weight. So Session 5 is all about reinforcing all the other sessions of the Inside Out Program. Even more than that, it’s about creating a future plan for your unconscious to follow.

This way, you won’t have to use willpower or discipline to keep your weight loss progress on track. Instead your unconscious will be totally aligned with your goal weight and will continuously move you into behaving, feeling and responding in such ways that you always make the right food and activity choices. 

Altogether, the 5 Sessions that make up the Inside Out Program will change you from the “inside out” so that you automatically do the right things to lose the right amount of weight for you. 

Here’s what’s going to happen to you in just a few weeks from today: You are not going be able to help looking at yourself in the mirror thinking to yourself, “Wow! I never knew I could lose so much weight and look so slim, so fast!” But your reflection in the mirror will be proof that you can.

As I’ve said, with the synergistic approach of the 5 hypnosis sessions that make up the Inside Out Program, your unconscious will gently guide you into doing all the right things to lose the weight and keep it off. Meaning you’ll just naturally feel right about doing the things that will result in excess weight dropping off your body. That’s why it doesn’t feel like hard work. Nor does it feel like you are restricting yourself or putting your life on hold while you complete this program. 

Instead, you are given the freedom to make better life choices for yourself around food, health and exercise. Nothing is taken away from you. Here’s the really satisfying thing: All the “inside-out” changes you make to your thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns, and habits around food, health and exercise will stay with you forever. Therefore, you’ll continue to instinctively want to do all the things that keep you at your ideal body weight well into the future. You won’t pile the pounds back on like you inevitably do in all other weight loss and diet programs. Your weight won’t “yo-yo” like it does on most enforced diets. Nor will you ever feel like you are living less than a full and fun-filled life.

That’s why the Inside Out Program is the last ever thing you’ll have to do to reach your goal weight. It’s even guaranteed for your lifetime.

Lifetime Relapse Guarantee: If you ever relapse into bad habits after completing the Inside Out Program, you can return for a free “top-up” session. This way the 5 areas of the program are reactivated in your unconscious mind. The relapse sessions take place once a month in a group setting and you can take as many “top-up” sessions as you want/need for as long as I continue this business.

Now I don’t want you to make a choice to sign-up to the Inside Out Program until you are certain that it’s the right choice for you. I guess you need to consider such things: how much money, time, frustration & knocks to your self esteem this program will save you and how comfortable you will feel knowing that in 8-9 weeks from today you’ll be looking in the mirror to see a new slimmed down body. Only you can know if a new body at your ideal body weight is worth it to you.

All I know is when in 8 to 9-weeks from today, and you’re looking back to today
thinking how much weight you’ve lost and how good you feel about yourself, you’ll come to realize the one-time investment of only $750 to do the Inside Out Program and have your new body will seem a long distance memory.

So, if losing weight and keeping it off is important to you, if you like the idea of
being at your ideal body weight, and can’t wait to start receiving compliments on the new you, then you can secure your place on the Program by calling me at 856-906-9263

NOTE:Due to word-of-mouth from clients the Inside Out Program is often fully booked. So to avoid disappointment it’s best to call to find out if a slot on the program is
still available (or soon will become available).

James D. Camp, CHt, CI, Life Coach, NLPP

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