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Smoking is a bad habit that some people just can't seem to kick. With my hypnosis program, I will have you smoke free in two 90 MIN sessions. You may ask how? Being a present-day smoker, you understand how hard it is to quit and have probably tried before to quit on your own. Nothing that you have tried will come close to comparing to this. Hypnosis is a way to relax you and put you in a deep place to clear your mind so you can finally understand WHY you have been smoking for so long. When you relax the mind to a place where it can open, that is when you will be able to change for good from the inside out. 

One on one sessions is the best way for us to understand you: who are you, what you are and why you are smoking. This way, you are comfortable and ready for change. After two short hours, you will not only become smoke free but know more than you did before as to why you did this for so long.

The first step is to be honest with yourself. If you're doing this for anyone other than you, this will not work. So let me ask you a few things:

Why do you want to become a non smoker? 

Why are you looking here today? 

Why do you think you can’t quit?

On a scale of 1-10 of readiness to quit where would you be? 

How much are you spending a week on cigarettes?

What vacation would you take with all that extra cash?

One pack a day $7.75 x 7 = $54.25 x 52 = $2,821.00 a year
2 packs a day $7.75 x 2 = $15.50 x 7 = $108.50 x 52 =$5,642.00 a year

The second step is understanding your own lies. You know smoking is no good for you. It causes lung cancer, heart diseases and many more medical problems. So why do you continue to smoke and spend money everyday to support your habit? Every time you light a cigarette (38 cents each one) and put it in your mouth, you know you are effecting your health in a negative way. 

Finally, now you can be free from nicotine and start your new happy and healthier life. Something you can be proud of and the time is now! Don't wait to change your life- CALL TODAY!

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