Sports Enhancement 
There is a long history of hypnosis in sports proving how athletic performance is increased dramatically  in many areas; ​style correction, increase in endurance, speed and strength enhancements are particularly effective.

Trouble sleeping

Having trouble sleeping? Most of the time it's because your allowing your day's stress come to bed with you. Understanding what's going on in your life is part of the solution. Knowing how to release stress will help.

Weight Loss
Using hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to loss those unwanted fat. When you couple hypnosis with eating right and the correct proportion of healthy food, the results are astounding. (review weight loss tab)

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No More Fears

Fear of Flying
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Failure
Fear of Success
Fear of Water
Fear of Dentists
Fear of Taking Tests
Fear of Abandonment
Fear of Tight Spaces
Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Crossing Bridge

Discover Transformations

Wellness Center

Therapeutic Healing

Pain Control
Cancer Support
Poor Circulation
High Blood Pressure
Migraine Headaches
Physical Tension
Boost Immune System
Asthma & Allergy Control
Post-operative Rapid Healing

Our Services of hypnosis is a type of complementary therapy , which is an altered state of consciousness.

Hypnosis is widely promoted as a treatment for various long-term conditions and for breaking certain habits. Smoking cessation, weight loss, eliminating fears, self improvement, sports improvement and trouble sleeping are just a few things that can be fixed by hypnosis, amongst a wide host of other things.

Although some scientists disagree about how hypnosis quite works, it does seem to have huge effects. Some experts see it as a relaxation technique that uses the power of suggestion or relies on the placebo effect. Yet others see it as a fantastic way for change in our life. 

Habitual Behaviors

Stop Smoking
Stop Gambling
Stop Biting Lip
Stop Twitching
Stop Biting Nails
Stop Bed Wetting
Stop Grinding Teeth
Stop Getting Angry
Stop Procrastinating
Stop Pulling Out Hair
Stop Itching and Picking

Self Improvement

Boost Creativity
Self Confidence
Establish Goals
Increase Productivity
Increase Motivation
Sports Improvement
Stress Management
Improve Study Habits
Improve Concentration
Enhance Professional Skills

Quit Smoking

Hypnosis has been has been helping people quit smoking for years and has the best success rate than anything else out there. No drugs, just a change in what you think your getting from smoking.

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